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AdSpyglass Team is glad to present a new revolutionary product — Traforama.
Now, you can conclude even more profitable direct deals with the top publishers of AdSpyglass.
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Advertising Formats

Time-proven and reliable Ad Formats to ensure the maximum performance of your campaigns


Pop-Under Ads appear behind the current browsing screen. It is visible only when a user tries to close their browsing screen.


Interstitial is a full-screen displayed ad format. When a visitor clicks the link, Interstitial appear in between the target page and the page it was clicked at.


Banners are image-based advertisements. They are statically displayed at designated ad spots. When a user clicks the banner ad, he is directed to the target link.


Video ads are displaying as a part of your video player. They can be configured as slider banners or pre-rolls shown before the video file is started to play.

In Page Push

An in-page push displays dynamically as a banner ad inside the website tab. The visual appearance of the in-page push looks very similar to the push notification.

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Direct deals between advertisers and publishers

The core feature of the Traforama is an ability for advertisers to communicate directly with publishers.
Traforama gives you full access to the list of the top publishers.
You can browse all websites and spots, look at their statistics, and start a private chat with the owner of the site you're interested in.

Invite familiar site-owners to cooperate at no fees

You don't need any intermediaries anymore to launch an Ad Campaign at a high-quality website.
You may invite your familiar publisher to Traforama and start cooperating with him via our platform without any fees. Conclude deals with Traforama - it is simple, safe, and free!

WW GEOs, Mainstream & Adult, Flexible Targeting

Traforama offers high-end traffic from all the GEOs around the globe.
We support both Adult & Mainstream campaigns with ultra-flexible targeting capabilities. Target by location, IP, ISP keywords, add extended traffic filters to get a perfect audience for your campaigns.

Conversion Tracker, Traffic Analyzer, API ad management

A reliable and independent conversion tracker will be showing how your ads are performing in real.

Our extended restful API will help you manage your ads most conveniently while an innovative Traffic Analyzer will accurately filter the impressions you're getting.

Advanced features for budget management

You could set up the budget for each Campaign:
– Total Budget per month
– Per Day
– Per hour
– Per creative

Multiple Creatives
A/B testing

Add as many creatives as you want to Ad Campaign. The advanced statistic will help you to choose the Advertisement your audience likes the best.
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You will have access to the unique inventory

Direct Webmasters
Unique Websites
Daily Audience
Tube sites
File shares
Video hostings
Adult sites
URL shorteners
Access the Traforama inventory

Payment Methods

Adspyglass does not cover payment transfer commission
fee 5% + $2
no fee
fee 0%
Credit card
fee $1
fee 0%

How to become
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Approve creatives
Send to review your creatives. After checking it by our managers, we can run your ad.
Add funds to your balance
Use one of the proposed payment systems. After payment confirmation, this money will be automatically transferred to your account.
Receive traffic!
If you have any questions, our team will always be happy to help you.
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