Ruby / Rails developer - Ad network mediation service & media management platform. We help webmasters raise their website revenue.

We've been working since 2014, we set interesting and ambitious tasks and solve them from different parts of the world using the most advanced technologies for organizing remote work: Slack, GitLab, Clickup, etc. In our team 20 people from 20 to 40 years old, we travel, enjoy life and constantly develop our professional skills.

AdSpyglass is an international project. We communicate in the Russian language, but  most of our clients are webmasters from all over the world, so knowledge of the English language is mandatory.

If you want to become part of a successful and consistently growing company, work in a friendly team of professionals and get a decent salary in USD, we will be glad to see you in our company.

We don’t have deadlines, meetings, regular reports and other bureaucracy. We appreciate the working comfort.

Now we are looking for a full-time developer for a remote job. Many interesting tasks include a free schedule, you can learn a lot from our developers.

About Us

Ruby, Rails, Pg, Redis(SSDB), Clickhouse, Ansible, Capistrano, Gitlab, Code review, CI/CD, a lot of testing, highly loaded Golang component, geo-distributed.

Basic requirements

Additional requirements



We will not torture you interviews - in most cases one or two conversions with CTO will be enough.